Iced Biscuits

Cinnamon Toast can make your biscuit fantasies come true. We can bake and decorate biscuit letters to spell out something special, or design biscuits to tie in with a special theme for a party, wedding or celebration. For corporate events, we can come up with a design to suit your branding or create a unique, biscuity take on your logo.

We specialise in a menagerie of creatures, from curly-coated poodles to smart Scottie dogs, blunt-nosed bunnies to serene doves, perky snails and woolly lambs, plus foxes, cats, hedgehogs, butterflies – you name it, we can biscuit it. Our animal biscuits are popular as gifts, especially for children’s parties. 

Biscuits are available either loose or packed in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. They can also be baked on lollipop sticks or with a hole in so they can be hung up on ribbons.


Ginger, vanilla, citrus, chocolate